6 Amazing Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen


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Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen

This conversation with Dr. Nidhi changed my perspective of looking at things in my kitchen. Who would have thought that in a sudden break of pain we could run into the kitchen and apply herbs that are available in abundance rather than fiddling through our first aid box to find the only medicine which is not there.

Going through this conversation will open your eyes to the most awesome natural painkillers that are available in our kitchen. Well most of the time they are!

Rajat : I remember that whenever I suffered from a toothache, backache or any other kind of pain, my first impulse would be to take a pill. It’s easy and works most of the time.

Dr. Nidhi : Though many people rely on medications to relieve pain, pills come with their share of side effects. Instead, consider holistic healthcare wherein you can get the relief you need from natural painkillers.

By opting for integrated healthcare, you can look forward to a long and fit lifestyle without the harmful consequences of medicines.

Rajat: What kinds of healthcare are we talking about? When people say holistic health care I see a mortar and pestle that I need to grab and diligently prepare a potent mixture in a matter of hours.

Dr. Nidhi: No, no a mortar and pestle won’t be required at all time there are certain things that you can do with no hassle at all. Here are some natural home remedies that will make your pain go away within minutes.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Turmeric |

The spice that gives Indian curries its bright yellow colour and distinct flavour contains curcumin. It’s an antioxidant that protects our body from free radical tissues which can damage our cells and tissue. Turmeric can be used to treat indigestion, ulcers, stomach upset, and inflammation. For inflammation the turmeric powder can be directly applied and for ulcers it can be taken with milk.

2. Cloves

Cloves | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Cloves |

Cloves are often used to spice up meat and other delicacies. As a medicine, clove is found in powdered form, as a capsule and even as clove oil. Clove is helpful to ease nausea and common colds. Cloves can reduce the pain related to headaches, arthritic inflammation, and toothaches and are also used as typical pain relievers.

3. Fish Oil

Fish Oil | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Fish Oil |
Fish Oil

Fish oil has a strong reputation for improving heart health. It is also now recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help in naturally relieving pain. If you’re suffering from neck and back pain or arthritis pains, consider opting for fish oil rather than taking pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Rajat : But, don’t you think that pills help the pain as it numbs the part and gives instant relief ?

Dr. Nidhi: That’s true but over the course of years pills have shown some serious side effects which gives all the more reason to go for natural painkiller options. Like ginger, Epsom salt and other essential oils.

4. Ginger

Ginger | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Ginger |

One of the spices that’s been around for hundreds of years to treat pain is Ginger. If you’re suffering from general pain, have a sore throat, painful muscles or feeling fatigued, resort to ginger and you’ll feel much better. The compounds in ginger work as a group to offer antioxidant benefits to prevent the radical production connected to pain and inflammation.

5. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Epsom Salt |
Epsom Salt

Most of us know that Epsom salt is a natural painkiller for joint pain and muscle soreness. It is also a go-to remedy to treat heel-spur pain and can come in handy if you’re troubled with a painful sprinter. Many moms also find it useful to treat post childbirth soreness.

6. Essential Oils

Essential Oils | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Dr. Nidhi | Doctors in Pune | Homeopathy | Benefits of Essential Oils |
Essential Oils

Holistic health treatments involve using essential oils in various ways. You can consider aromatherapy (inhaling them) or include a few drops in your massage oil as part of a therapeutic massage. Oils like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender have an analgesic effect that helps to treat headaches and reduce post-workout muscle pain.

Rajat : Well that just clears a lot of things, not one remedy that you mentioned will be hard to find in my kitchen. Thanks for the information Dr. Nidhi. Any parting advice that you wish to give us.

Dr. Nidhi: Healing is not just about the pain, but also about your mind, body, and soul. When you opt for holistic health treatments, you can be assured of a lasting effect for a better self. Some other holistic healthcare solutions you can try are acupuncture, yoga, and meditation to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

As you can see there are a number of reasons to choose natural pain killers rather than harping on strong medicine. We hope in this blog we were able to explain how Integrated healthcare in Pune focuses on developing a healthy mind and body that doesn’t rely on medications to treat pain, but more on comprehensive care for the future. And there’s no better place than nature to find solutions to your pain and build strength in your body!

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