7 Tips to Live Long and Live Healthy

7 Tips to Live Long and Live Healthy

Yesterday as I was enjoying my tea at my favourite restaurant, I met an old friend of mine. We talked about college, married life and like any other conversation we found ourselves talking about health issues. She complaint about the pollution, adulteration in food, the reduced nutrients values and on and on.

I listened to her patiently and finally coined her the following questions

Dr. Nidhi: Ever wondered how healthy are you? Do you spend ample of time exercising daily? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet? Are you getting ample of sleep? And drinking 8 glasses of water?

As expected she didn’t have a clear answer on it. This does not mean that she was at fault. It’s just that we are surrounded by so many things that claim to build our health but seldom play their part. What we need is not the plethora of things flooding the internet but few basic things.

Shreya: So how do I ensure which things to follow?

Dr. Nidhi: Our body is a temple and all of us need to focus on taking good care of it. You don’t want to spend most of your life bogged down by health issues, right? The key is to take good care of your body and not take it for granted. You should opt for holistic health care, with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some vital tips to live a healthier and longer life:

  1. Drink More Water
Drink More Water

Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water? We need water for our body to function. It helps in removing waste, carrying nutrients and oxygen around your body and maintains essential bodily functions. Drinking water can also help you in losing weight. Drink at least 8–10 glasses of water every day. Why not sip one glass before you continue reading this article!

Shreya: I agree, I have a hard time keeping track of my water intake. Unlike a trek where I constantly feel thirsty because of all the exertion, at home sitting in my A.C room I rarely drink water. But I guess I should start.

Dr. Nidhi: Yes, we should stay hydrated regardless of the conditions around us. Also the second important thing is

2. Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough rest, you’ll either compensate by eating more or resort to unhealthy medications rather than holistic health treatments. Lack of sleep can also cause premature ageing and none of us wants that! Catch up on your beauty sleep every day!

Shreya: Yup, I think we should plan our routine better to ensure we get enough sleep.

Dr. Nidhi: Now few important things that you must do in your waking hours.

3. Exercise


Don’t forget that movement is life. Research shows that daily exercises can increase our lifespan, lower the risk of diabetes, improve bone density and help in weight loss. Exercise is the key to integrated healthcare in Pune. Pick exercises that you enjoy and add variations to keep them interesting.

4. Eat Fruits

Eat Fruits

Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals. Oranges offer a lot more health benefits than Vitamin C pills. So skip your medicine cabinet and choose holistic health treatments instead that focus on healthy eating. Watermelons, strawberries, apples, guava, papaya are all highly nutritious fruits.

5. Choose Healthy Herbs

Choose Healthy Herbs

There are various herbs and spices in our kitchens that are great for our health and well-being. They also boost immunity and keep illnesses at bay. Consider turmeric, cloves, garlic, ginger and cinnamon in your regular diets to enjoy the benefits of natural herbs.

6. Cut Down On Processed Food

Cut Down On Processed Food

Busy lifestyles tend to lure us towards ready foods or processed meals that may be super unhealthy for our body. The nutritional value is lost in these foods and the added preservatives can be bad for our body. A number of processed foods also contain a lot of salt, which can lead to higher blood pressures and also increase the risk of a heart disease.

7. Eat Small Meals

Eat Small Meals

Rather than eating just two large meals, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. You can opt for healthier snacks at work like juices or yoghurt and nuts rather than cookies or candy bars.

Shreya: This is Great! I can’t remember the last time I had such a fruitful conversation. The points that you mentioned today were all around us but you cemented it for me today. I shall take this list with me and post it on my refrigerator.

I hope this blog was useful to all of you. Remember that holistic health care begins with you and your mind. Once you set out to achieve a healthy lifestyle, no one can stop you from being fit and fabulous! Choose integrated health care in Pune over medications and you will witness a drastic change in your health — mental, emotional and physical.

Good luck!




Its about REVIVING VITALITY through a holistic approach and get cured from diseases by preventive measures!

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Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre

Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre

Its about REVIVING VITALITY through a holistic approach and get cured from diseases by preventive measures!

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