Healing with Access Bars | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Dr. Nidhi | Access bars therapy |
Healing with Access Bars

Access bars healing can help you to change many aspects of your body, like sleep, weight, money, health, relationships, anxiety, and more. For a simpler understanding, many people compare access bars to a disk defragmenter and the brain to a computer. Bars are a series of 32 points on your…

When suffering from hypothyroidism you have to be very careful about what you eat. The wrong things can aggravate your condition but the right thing can tackle the symptoms and help regulate the thyroid levels. A proper diet though effective also has to be supported with a healthy lifestyle for…

In hyperthyroidism your body processes are flared up and it often goes undetected until it becomes serious. To control this heightened body processes you need foods that will regulate the thyroid levels.

Here is a quick list of things that will serve as your regulator to the heightened pace of…

Covid Diaries of Patients

Forever alone …Never Lonely!!

She was alone in her small small world. Covid invaded !! Lonely she became even more!!

In this pandemic situation everyone is struck by the fear of losing their loved ones, helplessly running around to get a bed for their loved ones, constantly on call to check whether their close…

Natural Remedies for Viral Fever | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Dr. Nidhi | Natural Remedies |
Natural Remedies for Viral Fever

One of my best friends Sujata who would always come up with something funny to say and crack me up, sounded very strange when she called me a couple of weeks ago. Her voice was weak, trembling and coarse. I instantly knew the cause of it. I asked her to…

Medicine free — Lifestyle Correction | PHCC | Dr. Nidhi | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Natural Remedies | Live Medicine free |
Medicine free — Lifestyle Correction

Today, we’re largely dependent on various investigative tests and medicines for even the smallest ailments. In fact, we’ve become dependent on medicines for anything that goes wrong with our body. That’s why the idea of a medicine-free life may sound like a far-fetched dream. But it’s a proven health program…

Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre

Its about REVIVING VITALITY through a holistic approach and get cured from diseases by preventive measures!

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