All You Wanted to Know About Irritable Bowel Syndrome

At the prime of his life when he was ready to take the challenges of life head on and make a difference, Abhimanya was being pulled back by his disease. He was suffering from Irritable Bowe Syndrome(IBS). It had already been 3 years since it was first diagnosed and the situation was getting worst by the day. The frequency of stools was 5–7 times a day, he had flatulence and heaviness of abdomen and was losing weight every month. Sometimes he would even see blood present in his stools.

He came to know about the fascinating benefits of holistic health treatments and contacted my holistic health care centre. I have shared our conversation in the lieu of throwing light on this syndrome and it’s remedies.

Dr. Nidhi: I see in your reports that you have under gone a colonoscopy and endoscopy just a couple of month ago.

Abhimanyu: I was in excruciating pain, so the doctor suggested the test.

Dr. Nidhi: But the results came normal, that’s bewildering.

Abhimanyu: Yes, it is. My symptoms stayed the same. Everyone almost thought that it was a self induced problem. That it was all in my mind.

Dr. Nidhi: Tell me about your eating habits, what do you like to eat and often end up eating?

Abhimanyu: Well, I usually eat up eating what I like. So it’s mostly spicy non vegetarian food and sweets.

Dr. Nidhi: Ok, and how’s your work environment?

Abhimanyu: The work is mostly hectic, it’s one of the main reasons behind my unhealthy food habits.

Dr. Nidhi: So, I guess we have successfully found out the cause of your problem the solution to which is also simple. Don’t worry I won’t be suggesting you to leave your job, abandoned your social ties and live a life of a hermit in a jungle. But there are some small lifestyle changes that can help you immensely. Things like yoga, meditation also a healthy diet and a regular sleeping pattern.

Abhimanyu: I guess it’s about time I start doing it. I will start it as soon as possible.

Dr. Nidhi: Soon is good Abhimanyu. But now is great. I will give you some home remedies that will get you started right now, you can pick up the ingredient on your way back home.

1. Have one banana with yogurt every morning. The low fructose content of banana and probiotic action of yogurt it relieves the symptom of IBS.

2. Have pinch of grated ginger before meals. It has anti inflammatory properties so it helps in healing the gut .

3. Rice with ghee is another soothing agent for stomach so have it daily in lunch.

4. Keep sipping on water with coriander leaves and peppermint leaves as it works like coolant for stomach acids.

5. Have one spoon fennel seeds with raw coconut post meals as fennel is one of the best digestive aids for ages.

6. Have turmeric in plain water at bedtime as it helps in reducing the inflammation of gut.

7. Eat frequent small meals and on specific time everyday.

8. You can also join laughter club, dance or Zumba classes to pepp up your spirits to reduce stress which is the main cause of IBS .

Abhimanyu: Wow, I did not know there were so many things that I could do to improve my condition. This is why integrated health care is so amazing. I thought I would have to go on an abject diet and give up everything that I like and become a gym freak but your remedies sounds more like a healthy vacation.

Dr. Nidhi: (laughs) Well that’s a great way to look at it. We have always tried to make our patients more confident about change and you seem to have embraced it quite confidently.

Abhimanyu: Thank you doctor.

In the following months Abhimanyu followed the above remedies and shifted to a healthier lifestyle. His bowel syndrome ceased to exit and since then he had no irritation but a smile on his face. I thought of sharing his experience since this syndrome is quite common in our society due to the unhealthy lifestyle that we embrace. I hope this information was useful to you.

Word of Caution — Usage of home remedies is not generalised! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.



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