Covid Diaries of Patients

Covid Diaries of Patients

Forever alone …Never Lonely!!


She was alone in her small small world. Covid invaded !! Lonely she became even more!!

In this pandemic situation everyone is struck by the fear of losing their loved ones, helplessly running around to get a bed for their loved ones, constantly on call to check whether their close ones are doing fine or not but what about those who don’t have any one on this earth to run for them ???

Give it a thought dear friends!

A self proclaimed orphan, a person in solitude who has people with but no one besides her. Do you understand the difference?

You must be thinking how can she be alone .. how is it even possible in this millennials world where every one is so connected ?

Aah..stop running your neurons ..she is a simple girl who loves solitude so she is away from the world although part of it .

One fine morning she wakes up with 102 fever ,red eyes and pale face, shivering sore body with no strength to even hold herself in her apartment all alone. The

door bell rings and her maid comes. She holds herself and prays to the Almighty above to give her the strength to open the door at least.

Gaining some strength after three bells she opens the door and her sweet angel maid holds her ,give her coconut water and makes her lie down. Isn't it sweet of her to handle a Covid patient with so much care when every day you see that own family members are dejecting their loved ones once they are diagnosed with Covid ?

It’s Covid my dear friends where a person is not untouchable rather a person needs more care and love from all of you. Yes the virus demands complete care so wear gloves ,masks and if needed PPE kit like our frontline workers are doing but it’s a request don’t treat a Covid patient as unwanted uncared and as if she is NOBODYs business!!

After all someone is your so called loved one ( PS- yeah because love is temporary and relationships are shallow I feel!! When Covid invades…)

Coming back to the story of our solitude lover .For seven days she suffered from 102 fever , arthralgia, nausea, no strength in body to get up and above all of that 24/7 alone in a room with no one to take care and no one to talk to. Just one call used to come from her Adorable mother who is helpless to help her and ask about her health. You know the love that’s selfless and priceless.

And finally she tested positive for Covid .. breaking news ! Isn’t it …Lol .wasn’t she aware in last seven days that she is already fighting with Covid ..u bet she was knowing what’s coming. The symptoms were knocking and the will power was nudging to break!!

Now the Millennials enter the story with a formality of showing as if they care and asking how are you ,do you need anything. Lip service at its BEST!!

What If she says she needs only one person to stay with her so that she can rest peacefully. At least if she dies someone is aware to tell others about her painful departure in her lonesome world amidst the crowd .

But when she requested her own family can I stay in one room at your place? Thud came the answer NO — oh you are contagious, it will spread amongst us and it’s risky and blah blah. Wasn’t she the one saying a YES to all they ever demanded or asked!!

So hospitals have no space and no arrangements to take care of you ,family members have rejected you and now who is there with You …. Aah! a big question for her finally ???

She sobbed in fear, shrieked in pain and no one was there to wipe her tears…she joined her hands in front of her God and she got the answer.

Jiska koi nahi hota uska khuda hota hai …wohi hota hai ae bande jo manjure khuda hota hai!!

And finally her mentor messages generally and says I’m starting an immune booster program and going to attune so that you can fight back against the virus. What a sigh of relief she took. She simply said yes and magic happened the very next day. Her system regained strength and courage to fight back and within next four days she was ready to kick back and stay alive in her happy little world again. Hopes returned. Life gave a faint smile as fragile and faint as, she was still. Par. .. Dil yeh Ziddi hein.!! Giving up is never an answer.

Meanwhile God planned to send few more angels for her .

Couple of days a friend came and supported her ,her staff came and asked if anything is needed and finally municipality people came and asked aapne catch kaise kiya jub aap akele rehte ho ??? Lol !!

And your time starts now for 14 days rest because your report has come today.

She was wondering already 10 days gone and now another 14 days ..too much of rest .But yes that was needed for her to understand the faces of people around and to understand the harsh reality of life.

When it comes to family you can only rely on your parents who love u selflessly and care un-relentlessly for you …rest of the world is busy in their own world and duties to fulfill and least bothered who dies and who lives. Yeah but once the news is out they do write on the social media rest in peace, om Shanti and the person was so good etc. etc. As if that person existed for them. Lip service yet again!!

Finally this girl in solitude came out after 24 days and took a deep breath soaking in sun and feeling the greenery around her and seeing people after long .What a feeling it must be ..Nice ! Just nice not wow .Why ?? Because she has understood undoubtedly where she exists in reality and what’s her strength and weaknesses. She is a fighter — a soul who is born to live free, forever alone but never lonely.

A solitary heart looked at her sides… Found no beloved who said till death do us part. She looked behind… No one said I have your back… She looked at her fingers… No one entwined them around theirs promising ‘friends forever. ..’ … A heart cried the loudest cry in silence and in fear stood none. .. Only a few who stood as they were and would.

Dear Friends. .. If you can understand the plight of this solitary girl then lest before you tell anyone you are there… Think hard and think can you. … Will you… Would you!! Corona is testing the bonds the heartfelt rantings of all of us to be loved cared and utmost cherished. Think hard. Think really hard.

Covid or No Covid… This was a life lesson as vivid as can be when Adversity strikes!! The real reckoner of questioning the needs and deeds of us. Do we really make efforts as verbose as our promises!!

Stay safe. Stay blessed. Be there !!



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