Healing with Access Bars

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Healing with Access Bars

Access bars healing can help you to change many aspects of your body, like sleep, weight, money, health, relationships, anxiety, and more. For a simpler understanding, many people compare access bars to a disk defragmenter and the brain to a computer. Bars are a series of 32 points on your head which correspond to different areas of the brain (like computer files). These relate to various aspects of your life like joy, creativity, calmness, gratitude, etc.

We all carry limitations in our minds in terms of our beliefs and emotions — similar to the junk or spam in your computer. When an access bar practitioner touches the points on the head, the electrical charge in the brain that’s responsible for holding these negative thoughts gets dispersed. In short, the junk files get deleted. After this, you are better equipped to function with clarity and awareness.

How Does It Work?

Access bars therapy helps you heal in many ways. For starters, it facilitates receiving. Learning to receive helps us to get a lot more in life and allows us to accept gifts in its true form. Plus, it is like a mute button that stops all the negative voices in your head that tell you’re not good enough or you can’t accomplish something. All the limitations we feel are connected to our attitudes, beliefs, decisions, and ideas about it. When the bar points are touched lightly, all negativity gets cleared up and you can have everything you desire in life.

With Access Consciousness Bars, you can experience the following benefits:

  • A deeper sense of relaxation and better sleeping patterns
  • Ability to manage depressive and anxious tendencies
  • Increase in joy and happiness
  • Enhanced mood and positive outlook towards life
  • No more negative self-talk
  • Improve money flows with the receiving element
  • Better mental clarity and problem-solving capabilities
  • Change in health, wealth, and more

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