At the prime of his life when he was ready to take the challenges of life head on and make a difference, Abhimanya was being pulled back by his disease. He was suffering from Irritable Bowe Syndrome(IBS). It had already been 3 years since it was first diagnosed and the situation was getting worst by the day. The frequency of stools was 5–7 times a day, he had flatulence and heaviness of abdomen and was losing weight every month. Sometimes he would even see blood present in his stools.

He came to know about the fascinating benefits of holistic health…

Healing with Access Bars | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Dr. Nidhi | Access bars therapy |
Healing with Access Bars

Access bars healing can help you to change many aspects of your body, like sleep, weight, money, health, relationships, anxiety, and more. For a simpler understanding, many people compare access bars to a disk defragmenter and the brain to a computer. Bars are a series of 32 points on your head which correspond to different areas of the brain (like computer files). These relate to various aspects of your life like joy, creativity, calmness, gratitude, etc.

We all carry limitations in our minds in terms of our beliefs and emotions — similar to the junk or spam in your computer…

Most of us have experienced dandruff at some point in our lives. The itchy scalp, the flaky whites and the embarrassment it entails can be troublesome in many ways. If you’re looking for ways to curb your scalp woes and find a long-term solution, it might be wise to go with natural remedies. Rather than trying over the counter medicines or using excessively harmful hair products, let nature handle your worries. Here are top 5 things that your scalp wants you to know:

1. It’s More Common Than You Think

Dandruff | Home Remedies | PHCC | Dr. Nidhi | Itchy Scalp |
Dandruff is More Common Than You Think

Dandruff is a common skin condition that affects a number…

When suffering from hypothyroidism you have to be very careful about what you eat. The wrong things can aggravate your condition but the right thing can tackle the symptoms and help regulate the thyroid levels. A proper diet though effective also has to be supported with a healthy lifestyle for better results. In this blog we will be discussing the herbs, fruits, vegetables and meat that you can consume while suffering from hypothyroidism.

We advise you that before starting any home based diet consult your doctor and check for allergies. Also ask for the right quantity for your body. …

In hyperthyroidism your body processes are flared up and it often goes undetected until it becomes serious. To control this heightened body processes you need foods that will regulate the thyroid levels.

Here is a quick list of things that will serve as your regulator to the heightened pace of your body processes.

PHCC | Dr. Nidhi | Holistic Healing | Diet for Hyperthyroidism | Fight Thyroid | Home Remedies | Cruciferous Vegetables |
Cruciferous Vegetables

1.Cruciferous Vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables are rich in isothiocyanates and goitrogens that will help you reduce the excess of thyroid level in your body. Here is a short list of cruciferous vegetables

  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Radishes

Covid Diaries of Patients

Forever alone …Never Lonely!!

She was alone in her small small world. Covid invaded !! Lonely she became even more!!

In this pandemic situation everyone is struck by the fear of losing their loved ones, helplessly running around to get a bed for their loved ones, constantly on call to check whether their close ones are doing fine or not but what about those who don’t have any one on this earth to run for them ???

Give it a thought dear friends!

A self proclaimed orphan, a person in solitude who has people with but no one besides her. …

7 Tips to Live Long and Live Healthy | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Natural Remedies | Homeopathy | Dr. Nidhi |
7 Tips to Live Long and Live Healthy

Yesterday as I was enjoying my tea at my favourite restaurant, I met an old friend of mine. We talked about college, married life and like any other conversation we found ourselves talking about health issues. She complaint about the pollution, adulteration in food, the reduced nutrients values and on and on.

I listened to her patiently and finally coined her the following questions

Dr. Nidhi: Ever wondered how healthy are you? Do you spend ample of time exercising daily? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet? Are you getting ample of sleep? …

Natural Remedies for Viral Fever | PHCC | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Dr. Nidhi | Natural Remedies |
Natural Remedies for Viral Fever

One of my best friends Sujata who would always come up with something funny to say and crack me up, sounded very strange when she called me a couple of weeks ago. Her voice was weak, trembling and coarse. I instantly knew the cause of it. I asked her to come over as soon as possible. Her husband drove her to my clinic. When I saw her, she appeared weaker than what I imagined from her voice. She was suffering from viral fever, which is a pretty common in monsoon.

It’s very easy to detect viral fever, just check for…

Finding a Balance and Making Time for Healthy Habits | Work life Balance tips | PHCC | Dr. Nidhi | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Balanced Lifestyle |
Work Life Balance Tips

Leading a busy lifestyle that doesn’t offer a work life balance? You’re not alone. A lot of professionals today find it tough to juggle the demands of their job and personal life. In such cases, your health can also take a backseat, leading to future problems and lowering your productivity, too. So what’s the solution?

We bring you some simple work life balance tips to help you maintain some healthy habits.

1. Prioritize Downtime in Your Schedule

Medicine free — Lifestyle Correction | PHCC | Dr. Nidhi | Holistic Healing | Homeopathy | Natural Remedies | Live Medicine free |
Medicine free — Lifestyle Correction

Today, we’re largely dependent on various investigative tests and medicines for even the smallest ailments. In fact, we’ve become dependent on medicines for anything that goes wrong with our body. That’s why the idea of a medicine-free life may sound like a far-fetched dream. But it’s a proven health program that’s found to be effective with proper diet, exercise and professional consultation. Let’s see how:

Eating Right = Living Right

Prakash Holistic Health Care Centre

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